Commercial & Residential Artificial and Live Plants

Transform any space into a living space with the rich greenery and calming tones of live and artificial plants, installed and maintained by New Jersey’s premiere interiorscape artists, Foliage Design Systems.  For almost ten years, businesses and residents have added vibrancy and warmth to their environment with original designs and arrangements by our team of botanical artists, and have enjoyed the health and productivity benefits of natural surroundings every day.

Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey features an extensive catalogue of domestic and exotic plants, trees and flowers, both real and artificial, and will create individualized arrangements meant to complement and enhance your existing space.  Using Foliage Design System’s extensive national network of greenhouses and florists, our interiorscape consultants will find the perfect flora to accent your space.

Take a moment to browse the site to see our current catalogue of live and artificial flowers, holiday arrangements, or for more information on interiorscaping and the benefits of life among plants.  We are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding our services, maintenance, or pricing structures through our Contact Us page.