Moss Walls

Moss Walls are a fantastic way to add green space to the interior of nearly any building. Preserved moss *walls are increasing in popularity as a design feature because of the many benefits they offer.

Benefits of Moss Walls

For example, moss walls tend to be very low maintenance. Once the moss is installed, upkeep will require minimal effort depending on humidity levels. Plus, at Foliage Design Systems, we can fully customize the moss for your space. So, you can have any color or texture you desire. Moss comes in an assortment of colors and textures for a pop of color or a serene natural feel.

The thin wood backing we use can be cut into many different shapes and designs, allowing you to get as creative as you want. You can also choose if you’d like to moss to be framed or unframed and there are no size restrictions. It’s also worth noting that moss can improve your space’s acoustics in addition to adding a beautiful natural element.

Moss walls are perfect for all kinds of indoor spaces, such as lobbies, offices, certain residential uses, retail locations, hospitality and restaurants, just to name a few. If you’re considering adding moss wall art or panels in your indoor space in New Jersey, reach out to us.

Foliage Design Systems New Jersey

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