Four Little Known Benefits of Indoor Plants in the Home or Workplace

For many homes and businesses, the benefits of indoor plants are quite clear. Nothing beautifies a room more than nature’s finest. But if people knew of the other benefits of including indoor plants as part of their interior decorating, there’d probably be a widespread invasion of every nursery or gardening center in town. Here are a few ways you’ll quickly discover that indoor plants do much more than simply spruce up the visual appeal of a room.

They Purify the Air

We’re not talking about some quack theory here. Take it from NASA, where research has shown that plants do a pretty spectacular job at removing toxins from the air. Every day, volatile organic compounds wreak havoc on our indoor environments from all directions, and certain plants have been shown to devour them, filtering the air in the process.

They Increase Human Productivity

Us humans crave the beauty of nature, even if we don’t realize it. After all, we emerged from the wild just like every other animal. It’s no surprise, then, that we work better and more efficiently when surrounded by indoor plants. Studies have shown that we become more focused when sharing a room with some green companions.

They Keep Sickness at Bay

Dry indoor air tends to exacerbate the symptoms of winter sickness. That’s why so many people arm themselves with a room humidifier when they’re feeling under the weather. It turns out plants perform the same function naturally, releasing moisture into the air. Some studies have even shown that plants allow our bodies to heal faster by reducing overall stress.

They Wake You Up

We all learned back in grade school that plants remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. If you’ve been feeling drowsy lately, it could be because of increased levels of carbon dioxide where you live or work. Instead of upping your caffeine intake, why not see if some added indoor plants can boost oxygen levels and wake you up naturally?

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