Harvesting Green Energy: The New Paradigm

Science has shown that the world is indeed in an energy crisis. Solar, wind and hydro-electricity are some of the ways true environmentalists are trying to make sure we don’t lose all our resources on a global scale. Now it has been shown that plant energy can generate electricity and green roofs are cropping up… Read more »

The Immeasurable Value of Indoor Plants

Whether we realize it or not, human beings crave a connection to the outdoors. Indoor plants play a large part in helping us to stay sane, trapped indoors at a school or office for our entire lives. Interior landscaping brings nature back to us when we are unable to bring ourselves back to nature, and… Read more »

Renting Plants for Your New Jersey Event

As anyone with plants will attest, caring for them and watching them grow takes a little bit of commitment and responsibility. You might have experienced wonderful moments in life that would have been even more memorable with the presence of beautiful plants, which improve people’s moods and create a more calming and interesting environment. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Using Plants and Containers as Office Art

Now that you’re aware that your dull looking office could also be harmfully detrimental to the air that you and your employees breathe, you’re probably even more eager for a “green” makeover. Now is the time to embrace a new approach to office decoration—a living, breathing redesign of your everyday surroundings. Think of plants and… Read more »

Benefits of Indoor Plants: Cleaning the Air

Now that you’ve had a chance to take a look around the office, you’ve probably reconciled with the fact that your work environment could use some sprucing up. Obviously, plants do a great job of beautifying indoor spaces. However, when you begin having plants added to your office, you’ll also be improving the condition of… Read more »

Take a Fresh Look at Your Office for the New Year

Are you sitting in your office right now? How does it look? The beginning of a New Year is a great time to reexamine your surroundings and decide what you can do to make them more personally fulfilling. Do your surroundings make you feel inspired? Maybe you’ve cleaned up the area, reorganizing your work area… Read more »


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