Artificial Green Walls and Event Walls

Live plant walls can be a beautiful addition to indoor spaces, but they can also require some maintenance and upkeep. If you’re looking to add beauty to the indoor space of your commercial or residential building, but want to avoid *maintenance, consider going with an artificial green wall from Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey.

Benefits of Artificial Green Walls

Artificial plant walls contain all the benefits of live walls with none of the headaches. You don’t have to worry about finding the right amount of sunlight or remembering to water the plants. * Instead, the artificial product should last as long as you decide to keep it. *Your maintenance will basically amount to occasional dusting. Artificial walls can also serve as an alternative to live walls if you don’t have the required capability or infrastructure. * Artificial walls capture the attention of those walking by and adding a calming feature to the atmosphere.

We can install artificial green walls in commercial, retail, residential and hospitality spaces and customize the design to fit your desired look. For shorter-term designs, we can also create an artificial event wall where a logo can be added for photo opportunities and branding.

Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey

For more than 15 years, we here at Foliage Design Systems have provided professional interiorscape services all over the country.* We offer design, installation and maintenance for living, artificial and preserved greenery. *In fact, we can provide the artificial counterpart to just about any species of plant so you’ll have a variety to choose from. We also provide holiday decorating for commercial businesses and properties. If you’re in the market for any of our service or you would like to know more about us please, contact us.